From elves to barbarians

Allow yourself to be inspired. In my portfolio you will find a summary  of all the costumes that I’ve made over the last several years.

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Tutorials and Cosplay life

Here you will discover crafting-tutorials, transformation and behind the scenes recordings from my cosplay life..

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Create your own lightweight horns! In my new book you will learn everything you need to know about different types of clay, silicone and resin.

Convention Videos

Watch my latest convention video. This year I making a Behind the Scenes Video of every convention I will visit. So you are able to follow me arround and check out what I am doing over the whole weekend.




The last time I got asked very often if I could sell my Widowmaker Reference Kit which was a Reward for my Patrons. So here you are! You are now able to buy the Reference Kit in my shop. It includes the blueprints I made for the Weapon, the headpiece and the shoulder “armor”, a lot of wip pictures, reference pics and also some pictures of cosplayers who also did a Widowmaker Cosplay which was an inpiration for me. I also added a list of some materials I used.



Blueprints and Sketches


List of Materials

Reference pics

lot of WIP pictures

Costume accessories and tutorial books!

Costume accessories for your own fantasy creature.

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