Get your own hooved shoes!

I am finally taking orders for hooved shoes. Because of my very tight schedule I am only taking a few orders every month. What you get is like a “raw” version, you can paint the hooves and cover the shoes with some fabric or fur. You can find all informations in the FAQ on the right. If you are interested just write me an email (    
How do I order the hooved shoes?

If you are interessted just write me a message ( I need to know your shoe size, if you want black or white hooves, if you want V1 or V2 (take a look at the pictures) and at least which Hoove Design you want.

Choose your favorite design!

The hooves are available in 2 designs (check out the pictures). Just let me know if you want “Design 1″ or “Design 2″.

What are the hooves made of?
The hooves are made out of casting resin.  
How long will it take till I receive my hooved shoes?

It takes about 4 weeks till your hooved shoes are finished. The main reason why it takes so long is, that the shoes I need are coming from a special shop in australia and the shipping takes a while. The National Shipping (Germany) takes about 2-3 days. Worldwide shipping takes (depends on where you live) 1-2 weeks.

Which colors are possible?

You can get black or white hooves. The shoes are always black (if you want white shoes let me know, sometimes I can get white shoes). Unfortunalety you can not choose if they are shiny or matte, this depends on the stock of the shop where I get them from. But I think it doesn´t matter because they will be covered in fabric or fur anyway.

Which shoe sizes are possible?
The hooves are only made for the sizes 37-40 EU | 6-9 US.  
Is it difficult to walk in those shoes?
It´s pretty easy to walk in them, even when it looks uncomfortable. The shape of the hooves makes it possible to roll over (similar from heel to toes), that makes it easy to hold the balance. A rubber sole prevent that you slide away.  
How long is it possible to walk in them?
I can walk about 4-5 hours with just a few short breaks. I recommend to practise at home before you are going to a convention.  
I already have these shoes at home!
No problem. You can send me your pony boots and I will attach the hooves for you. I only offer this service for customers in germany.
How much is a pair of hooved shoes?
The hooved shoes cost 239,- Euro incl. Vat. The payment is splitted in 100,- Euro deposit and 139,- Euro (+ shipping costs) after I have finished them.  
How much is the shipping?

National shipping (Germany): 5,99 Euro
EU-wide shipping: 10,99 Euro
Worldwide shipping: 18,99 Euro

What type of payment do you accept?
I am using Paypal for all of my transactions. You can also pay via bank transfer, but it can take a few days until I receive the Money.