Get your own Lekku!

A lot of people have asked me if I am taking Commissions. I am always very busy with my own projects and my schedule is always full. But because the Lekkus are so popular I decided to make you happy and give you the opportunity to get one of my super fancy latex Lekkus. Unfortunately I am not a machine, so every month I am taking a limited amount of orders.

You can find all informations in the FAQ on the right.
If you are interested just write me an email (

How do I order a Lekku?

If you are interessted just write me a message ( and let me know which colour you like and when you need your Lekku.

What are the Lekkus made of?

They are made out of Latex and filled with cotton wool.

Which colors are possible?

Nearly every color is possible. I mix them by myself, so every Lekku is unique.

Are the ears included?

Yes, they are! They are also made out of Latex.

How long is the Lekku?

The tentacles are 84cm | 33inch long.

Do you need any measurements of my head?

The Lekkus are made or the average headsize of 55cm | 21,6inch. If your head is bigger, don´t worry, Latex is very flexible.

Is it possible to add dots or stripes?

No, because it is very timeconsuming to add a special design with stripes and dots on the Latex Lekku. But you can do it by your own at home. You can add all the details you want with some bodypaint.

Any bodypainting colors you recommend?

The bodypainting from Farbstark are my favorites. But I am not sure if they ship international. Also check out the bodypaint from mycostumes, they ship worldwide.

How much is a Lekku?

A Lekku + Ears cost 300,- Euro incl. Vat.
The payment is splitted in 100,- Euro deposit and 200,- Euro (+shipping) after I have finished your Lekku.

How much is the shipping?

National shipping (Germany): 4,99 Euro
EU-wide shipping: 10,99 Euro
Worldwide shipping: 18,99 Euro

What type of payment do you accept?

I am using Paypal for all of my transactions. You can also pay via bank transfer, but it can take a few days until I receive the Money.