From elves to barbarians

Allow yourself to get inspired. In our portfolio you will find a summary of all the costumes that we have made over the last several years.


We combine craftsmanship and promotion!

You are searching for costumes for promotion? With a team of costume designer, cosplayer and 3D artists we are able to create amazing costumes in a short time.

Youtube Channel

Tutorials and Cosplay life

Here you will discover crafting-tutorials, transformation and behind the scenes recordings from our cosplay life.

New Lights | Animated LEDs for Beginner

This book is for cosplayers and people who are interested in making some new experiences with LEDs and who want to let their cosplays, props or whatever, shine in an amazing new light! We will accompany you from the first thoughts to a finished LED circuit.

Learn to build your own LED circuit!

Get into coding. Without pre-knowledge!

About 200 photos and several infographics!


German and English edition!

Free ebook! (If you buy the printed version)


Viking Costumes – Making Of

Viking Costumes – Making Of

I made these costumes for our very first Larp Event. It was about a traditional Viking feast so I wanted to keep the costumes authentic. I did a lot of researching about the fabrics, colors and patterns for the costumes. As you all know I am a perfectionist so finding...

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Triss Merigold – Alternate Costume

Triss Merigold – Alternate Costume

This is the alternate dress from Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3. This cosplay was on my wish list for such a long time and I am so happy that I finally brought it to life. I think the most challanging part was to find the right fabrics. Of course sewing the dress...

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Faun Photoshoot for my new Book – Behind the Scenes

Faun Photoshoot for my new Book – Behind the Scenes

For my new book series which is about faun cosplays, we made a photo series of my three favorite faun cosplays. As always we worked together with the amazing eosAndy. In this blog I just wanted to show you some behind the scenes photos. The new book series will teach...

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