Cat Skull | Purple (Chameleon Effect)

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  • Handmade with love! ♥
  • 100% vegan! 🅥
  • 270 g (0,6 lbs) solid cast! ✔
  • Each piece is unique! ✔
  • Worldwide Shipping! ✔
  • Chameleon Effect! (changes color depending on viewing angle)

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Unique and 100% vegan!
Each skull is unique, because it's hand made with love! ♥
Since our mold is made from a 3D modeled and 3D printed cat skull this product is 100% vegan! 🅥
If you need a magical decoration this is your skull! ☾

Liquid urethane casting resin. The techniques we use are the same techniques used for making movie props.
Keep the skull clean with a bit of water and do not store in the sun!

Measurements and average weight
Compared to a real domestic cat skull, our cat skulls are 1.5 times bigger and about 8 times as heavy.
Due to its size and especially its weight the skull feels particularly valuable.

Length: 14,5 cm | 5.7 inches
Width: 10,0 cm | 3.9 inches
Height: 7,0 cm | 2.8 inches
Weight: 270 grams | 0,6 lbs | 9,5 ounces

Important Note:
You are buying exactly the skull shown in the picutres above. Also keep in mind that the colors may look
different depending on the screen you are using. Hand made also means that some imperfections may
appear on a product, but we always do our best to achieve the highest possible quality for you!

Special Effects
Some skulls contain chameleon pigments, UV pigments or glitter powder . If they do you will find a note in the
product description. These effects are really hard to capture on camera, you just have to see it with your own eyes!

We ship worldwide with tracking!

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Depending on which country you order from, we may contact you and tell you how we best proceed.

Since shipping to many countries has been completely stopped,
we will probably be forced to store the goods with us until the situation has calmed down and shipping continues.

Thank you for your understanding! ♥