Cat Skull Mask | Purple Crystal (Glass Edition)

219,00  incl. VAT

Glass Edition: The mask is translucent and looks like glass!

  • Handmade with love ♥
  • Hand-painted
  • Each piece is unique
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Different Attachments
  • Worldwide Shipping

Please choose your attachment. (See note below)

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Each mask is unique, because it's hand-painted with a lot of love! ♥

This mask is made of resin. It is very lightweight and durable.
Keep it clean with a bit of water and do not store in the sun.

Attachment Note:
Because the mask is translucent, you can see any type of attachment from the outside of the mask. So we decided to only offer you the 6mm velvet band that we attach through a hole on each side of the mask.

Just need a magical decoration? Choose without attachment! (Recommended)

Shipping is always with tracking!

Important Note:
Since this product is hand made and hand painted the colors may vary from the one shown in the pictures.
Also keep in mind that the colors may look different depending on the screen you are using.