We are Laura and Ralf, two passionate cosplayers from Germany. We have been in a relationship since 2007 and have been working day and night on our projects since 2012.

We mainly build costumes and props from our favorite video games, TV series or movies. From time to time we also work for gaming companies such as Blizzard, Bethesda, Square Enix, CD Projekt or Digital Extremes to help them promote their upcoming video games. Besides this we also create our own costume accessories and decorative items and write tutorial books whenever we find the time.

“We are constantly trying to improve our skills and knowledge and always try out new techniques and materials. Our everyday goal is to be a little better tomorrow than today!” – Ralf

“I just have this constant creativity that I have to let out. Creating things is my biggest passion… and cats!” – Laura


Check out all the costumes and props we have made over the years starting in 2012 when Laura first got involved with cosplay.


We combine craftsmanship and promotion. We build costumes and props and create social media content to promote video games.


Besides our cosplay projects we also create our own costume accessories and decorative items.