From elves to barbarians

Allow yourself to get inspired. In our portfolio you will find a summary of all the costumes that we have made over the last several years.

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Tutorials and Cosplay life

Here you will discover crafting-tutorials, transformation and behind the scenes recordings from our cosplay life.


We combine craftsmanship and promotion!

You are searching for costumes for promotion? With a team of costume designer, cosplayer and 3D artists we are able to create amazing costumes in a short time.


Hogwarts Potion Bar

Hogwarts Potion Bar

For my Harry Potter party I wanted to have a potion bar. So I just bought some cool looking bottles and the rest of the materials I already had in my workshop (except of the Alcohol of course 😉 ). We tryed to make it as easy as possible and used Materials and Tools...

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Hogwarts Banner

Hogwarts Banner

As a biiiiiig Harry Potter Fan I wanted to give a Harry Potter party since years. And as a high skilled cosplayer I wanted to create some amazing decoration! So lets start with the Hogwarts house Banner <3 Materials I used: - Fabric, 50cm for each Banner (wine red,...

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Official ELEX Cosplay Guide

Official ELEX Cosplay Guide

We had the honor to create two amazing costumes for the game ELEX. When it comes to planning a new cosplay the first and morst important step is to get good reference pictures of the cheracter you want to cosplay. Often this can be very frustrating because you can´t...

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New Lights | Animated LEDs for Beginner

This book is for cosplayers and people who are interested in making some new experiences with LEDs and who want to let their cosplays, props or whatever, shine in an amazing new light! We will accompany you from the first thoughts to a finished LED circuit. In several examples we give you a step-by-step explanation how to build your own LED circuit, what you have to consider, when you want to have a good and evenly shining result and we will tell you a trick how you can save a lot of money, by using your one time build main parts of your circuit for all your future projects again and again and again.

Also available as ebook


English and German

Learn to understand the Matrix

about 180 new photos and several infographics

Costume accessories and tutorial books!

Costume accessories for your own fantasy creature.
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