Ygritte – Quiver and arrows

In this tutorial I show you, how easily you can create a quiver and some arrows.

For the basic form I used a normal waterwaste pipe.

Ygritte’s quiver has these strange rings under the leather. I used some craft foam stripes and glued them on the pipe.

I covered the whole thing with the same leather I used for Ygrittes cloak. When you do this, it is important to stretch the leather over the pipe.

I just added the same fur I used for the cloak. Now it´s time to weather the quiver. Take a look at the weathering tutorial.

The arrows are also pretty easy to create. You just need a thin wooden staff which I paint with normal acrylic paint.

I already had these feathers at home from another costume, so I decided to use them. These arrows are just dummies, so you don´t need perfect shaped feathers, but if you want you can buy arrow feathers which are already cut into shape.