Stock Definition

Sometimes it happens for various reasons, that we have some prints which are not in excellent condition. This can be damaged edges or some small printing issues.
For the sake of the environment, we do not want to just throw them in the trash and this is why we created our stocks.

So if you don’t care about damaged edges or some small misprints, you can save a little money and do something good for the environment. ♥


This is the normal Stock. Freshly received from our printing house and in best condition.


Our B-Stock books are actually in excellent condition. They just have some barely noticeable printing issues, which most people wouldn’t even notice.


This is what most C-Stock books look like.

A lot of them have these creases as seen in the photos. But only on 2 or 3 sites per book.
That means about 97% of the pages are fine!

<< Important Shipping Note!

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there may be significant delays in shipping if you do not order from Germany!

Depending on which country you order from, we may contact you and tell you how we best proceed.

Since shipping to many countries has been completely stopped,
we will probably be forced to store the goods with us until the situation has calmed down and shipping continues.

Thank you for your understanding! ♥