Hogwarts House Banner DIYAs a biiiiiig Harry Potter Fan I wanted to give a Harry Potter party since years. And as a high skilled cosplayer I wanted to create some amazing decoration! So lets start with the Hogwarts house Banner <3

Materials I used:
– Fabric, 50cm for each Banner (wine red, dark green, mustard yellow, royal blue)
– Flex Foil (black, matte gold, mirror gold and silver)
– Wooden staff

– x-acto knife
– Iron
– Scissor
– Sewing Machine

Flex foil harry Potter Banner

These are the flex foils I used. This was the first time for me working with these kind of foils and I really like them. I think I will use them in one of my next cosplay projects.

flex foil harry potter banner

When you don’t own a vinyl cutter/plotter, you can easily cut the foil with an x-acto knife. Just be careful not to cut though the transparent transfer foil.

flex foil harry potter house banner
To transfer the foil onto the fabric it needs heat and pressure.

flex foil harry potter banner

As always I like to record all my progress. So I made a little Video on how I made the banner <3 I hope that helps you to create your own awesome house banner for your next Harry Potter party… or if you are a real Potterhead, you can also hang them in your living room 😉