This is the alternate dress from Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3. This cosplay was on my wish list for such a long time and I am so happy that I finally brought it to life. I think the most challanging part was to find the right fabrics. Of course sewing the dress and crafting all the jewelry was a lot of work, but when it comes to find the perfect fabrics I am such a perfectionist. So I went to I sooo many fabrics stores and found everything I need… exept of this turquoise fabric for the dress.  I was so frustratet because also in the internet I did not found a fabric that looks like the one on the reference picture and I thought I had to cancel this cosplay. But my lovely friend Lenora Costumes rescued me! While she was looking for some fabrics for her Yennefer cosplay she found a beautiful turquoise jacquard. The funny thing is, that I also was in this fabric store the previous day. Sometimes it is just destiny.


As always I first made the patterns. I always make them myself, the last years I realized that all patterns you can buy does not fit me very well, so I have learned to create them by my own. After finishing the paper patterns I sewed a mock up out of very cheap fabric to make sure that everything fits perfectly.

triss dress cosplay

Amy loves it when I come home with new fabrics. 😀

triss dress

Because I had only 9 days to finish this costume I totally forgot to make more progress photos, so these are the only ones I took while I was super busy. The most challenging part of the dress were the gold tendrils.

triss dress cosplaytriss dress cosplay

I don’t own an embroidery machine but a very good sewing machine that have nice stitches (for example the leaf stitch). So I’ve made this tendrils, flowers and leaves with my normal sewing machine.

triss dress cosplay

This dress is a good example for cosplays which do not work in real life. The v-neckline at the front and the back make it impossible to wear that dress. So I added this transparent strap from one shoulder so the other to prevent that the dress slips of my shoulders.

triss_kleid10 Kopietriss dress cosplay

I created all the leaves at the neckline with the same technique used to make the gold tendrils on the dress.

triss dress cosplaytriss dress cosplay

For the shoes I took normal sandals as a base. I cut everything off and added this piece of thick leather which I cut with my laser cutter. I think this is my first cosplay with comfy shoes.

triss_kleid4triss dress cosplay