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**ebook + PowerBox case included**

– about 200 new photos and several infographics
– German and English
– 3D printed PowerBox case included (color can vary)
– Step by step tutorials
– Basics of an electrical circuit and an Adafruit LED circuit
– All about materials and tools you need
– Soldering
– Tutorial: Power-Box-Circuit
– Planning a full LED costume (full overview of the complete circuits of Aloy and the Cleric)
– Easy mathematics (battery lifetime, battery size, numbers of LEDs)
– Charts for math haters
– LED arrangements and diffusing materials
– How to build in LEDs into your costume (two different techniques)
– Understanding and editing the code
… and more!

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Codes and PowerBox 3D files will be available as a free download! Link to the download page is in the book.

More Information about the book:
Language: German and English
Size: 0.3 x 21 x 29.7 cm
Weight: 0.600kg
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 76
Paper: high quality 135g paper

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